Take a look around the site. Make yourself at home. Bookmark us for future reference. We hope you will visit often, and invite you to contribute information as well.

The site allows you to look up data in a number of ways. Instead of scouring the internet looking for resources, we are hoping to help you make the most of your sleuth time by putting as much as possible in one place. You can search by category such as people or groups, or dig deep into the belly of the beast (our government). We will point you to tools which will speed you along in making the connections, as well as help you locate important documents, video and audio.

Our blog is called the "Dog House", which we will use to highlight the misadventures of those in government not living by their obligation to uphold our Constitution, those who think they are above the law, or anyone in a position of power who does not do right by the public good.

We have a forum, which we hope you will use to find missing pieces of the puzzle you are working on. Our feeling is that if we all work together to develop a community all our own, we will be much more effective. So go ahead and tell us what you are working on or what caught your attention.

We also have a section on what to do with information you find. There may not be one right answer, but hopefully we will give you some worthwhile guidance.

If you are aware of sites or tools not listed here, please contact us and let us know.

To help us defray costs for hosting this free resource, we simply ask you visit our
sponsors and entertain the use of their products. Thank you, in advance, for making the time to do that. If you are financially able to make a donation, that would very much be appreciated. You will find a donate button at the top of this page.

Together, perhaps, we can slay the dragon and take our kingdom back!
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This website was created to help facilitate research by concerned citizens working toward taking back our country. It is our aim to restore America to the place our founding fathers envisioned. We will do that by joining together to root out and expose those who seek to corrupt our government and control our lives. It is our hope that by doing so we can rightly return the true power of America to We The People, as originally intended.
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