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List of Congress members under DOJ investigation. 

Celebrating over 10 years of making statistics from more than 100 agencies available to citizens everywhere


Earmark Watch

Bringing Citizen Oversight to Congressional Spending


OMB Watch

Promoting open government, accountability and citizen participation

Contract and Grant Database


Follow the

The Nation’s Most Complete Resource for Information on Money in State Politics


PatriotPost.US  Linkbank

A plethera of Government Links and check out their collection of historic US documents as well


Congressional Research Reports

American taxpayers spend over $100 million a year to fund the Congressional Research Service. See what you paid for.

Bring the Truth to Light: Get the facts on those who control your future including Bios, voting records, positions on issues, interest group ratings, public statements, campaign finances.


State and Local Government Issues

Library of Congress site for local issues and links


Sunlight Foundation

Improving access to existing information and digitizing new information, and by creating new tools and Web sites to enable all of us to collaborate in fostering greater transparency.


Taxpayers for Common Sense

An independent and non-partisan voice for taxpayers working to increase transparency and expose and eliminate wasteful and corrupt subsidies, earmarks, and corporate welfare.


Complete List

The complete list of email addresses and fax numbers for all congress members, senators, committees in Washington DC


This Nation

Dedicated to providing factual, unbiased information about US government and politics. Includes library of historic documents and other educational materials on how government works.



Comprehensive reseource for DEA, DHS, ICE, IRS, ATF, FBI data. How it spends, where it spends, who benefits, how it enforces what laws, etc. Very complete.


Washington Watch tracks the bills in Congress, along with estimates about their costs or savings, when available.



Everyone can be an insider. Track bills, votes, issues, money trails.


Uncle Sam

Who’s Who in the Federal Government


Lobbying Disclosures

Government site with actual lobbyist disclosures


Senate Lobbyist Database  or Senate Query Search Board

Who’s lobbying your Senators?


House Lobbyist Database

Who’s lobbying your representatives?

Bringing transparency to the U.S. Congress by disseminating public documents and non-partisan information over the web.


American Voice

Fax your reps for free over the internet.


Investigating Obama

Investigating many aspects of this administration



Nonpartisan guide to money’s influence on U.S. elections and public policy. Helping shine light on government. Count cash/ make change.

Money and Politics: Illuminating the Connection



A journey toward greater transparency and accountability


Federal Audit Clearinghouse

Governmentwide audit database


Federal Register

What’s going on in DC? Find out here. Regulatory Documents, Sunshine Act Meetings, Presidential Documents


Undue Influence

The GREEN Tracking Library- Green Groups, Foundations, Bureaucrats, Labor Unions, Media and Players



Forum on working with public records, analyzing the data. This may help you decifer what you find.




Federal Agencies

Business Data

Directory of Federal, State, Local, Tribal Governments – WOW you could easily go on info overload here. Cool site.


IRS Charities Search

Cumulative List of Organizations described in Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code


CREW Ethics In Your State

Keep an eye on local corruption.



Researching data on state level regarding spending, pending and passed legislation, Governor speeches, news, etc..Left leaning.



A ton of information on who is eligble, what is available through private and public sources.

Federal grant information


PI Buzz

Government Pay Database, Union boss pay database, and all kinds of interesting figures.

A ton of public information collected by your friend, the Government


Homeland Security

Statistical Database


Governing Sourcebook

State and local sourcebook for all kinds of government data



A public database of official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations.


Mass Open Books

Your money, your government. An online tool to find out how Massachusetts State government is spending your tax dollars!



A daily update of new reports from government agencies, ngo’s, think tanks, and other groups.


Campaign Money

A unique website that lets you see for yourself the hidden world of American political campaigns.


Progressive Punch

How left leaning are your politicians? Check their records.



Keep tabs on the U.S. Congress. This is the independent, nonpartisan website that started the “civic hacking” movement in US


Citizens Against Government Waste

America’s #1 Taxpayer Watchdog – Pork Hunters Extraordinaire


Source Watch

Your guide to the names behind the news


KnowYour Net Worth

And everybody elses, too (public figures net worth statements, etc)


Purple People Beaters

Exposing SEIU Corruption, including that involving our government.


Bill of Rights Defense Committee 

Helping people convert their concern, outrage, fear into debate and action restoring Bill of Rights protections. See Resources Page too.


Open The Government

Americans for Less Secrecy, More Democracy


Project On Government Oversight

Investigates and exposes corruption and other misconduct to achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and ethical federal government. 


Judicial Watch   

Promoting Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Government, Politics and the Law

America's Election Watchdog Group

Cato's Reform Center


The Center for Public Intetgrity

 Site encourages citizen watchdogs by providing many investigative tools including tracking of FOI requests, document tracking, etc.


Washington Votes

Track their records!





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